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  • A General Schedule, 2017, October 11st-12th [update: 2017, September]
  • Speakers: a 50-minutes speech + a 10-minutes for quick comments and remarks
  • Please click Surnames' Speaker and surf the abstracts.



Wednesday 11st October, Venue: École Dotorale, Building F, Room F013, Lille University. See venue map

  • 8h30: Welcome, Registration & Help Desk
  • 8h45h-12h00 Speakers: Dhombres (France), Radelet-de Grave (Belgium), Müller (The Netherlands)
  •    [10h45-11h00: Coffee break]
  • 12h00-12h15: Discussion
  •    [12h15: Lunch]
  • 13h45-17h00 Speakers: Maurines (France), Pisano (France)
  •    [15h45-16h00: Coffee break]
  • 17h00-18h00: Discussion & Welcome Cocktail, Building F, Room F042
  • 18h30: Free visit at the LILLIAD Lille 1 University [just 5 minutes via metro: "Cité Scientifique Pr Gabillard"]
  •    Closing Session
  • [Free dinner]


Thursday 12nd October, Venue: MESHS, Lille (downtown). See venue map

  • 8h30: Welcome, Registration & Help Desk
  • 8h45-12h00 Speakers: Segre (Italy), Mottana (Italy), Viennot (France)
  •    [10h45-11h00: Coffee break]
  • 12h00-12h15: Discussion
  •    [12h15: Free Lunch]
  • 13h45h-17h00 Speakers: Vergnaud (France) Rahman (France), Skordoulis (Greece)
  •    [15h45-16h00: Coffee break]
  • 17h00-17h30: Discussion
  • Greetings & Closing Works
  •   [Free dinner]


For additional info on speakers, abstracts and references, detailed shedule and hours slots, please surf Lecturers List