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12. Abstract on: History and Philosophy of Science [Prof. Skordoulis, Greece]

Start Date:
12. October 2017, 16:00
Finish date:
12. October 2017, 17:00



Science as Social Practice



In this lecture, I am articulating a theory of science as social practice. I review and critique the currently fashionable view among science education scholars that science, despite being the most effective process of knowledge production, is a construction of western colonialist, masculine, racist culture deprived of any ability to give an objective account of reality.

I revisit the classic theory of knowledge and I attempt to articulate a theory of science as social practice incorporating Hessen’s monumental contribution on the economic and social influences on Newton’s Principia, Vygotsky’s theory of symbolic tools and Zilsel’s sociological account of the role of artisans and technicians in the birth of modern science.

    Discussion: How do we deal with Science and Social Practice?



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