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Dr. Moïra Anne Müller [Lecturer International Summer School, The Netherlands]

Moïra Anne Müller (1983) is a graduated philosopher and PhD (Classical studies) at the University of Barcelona (UB) and from long time she works as an accredited independent researcher and as a philosophical counsellor and trainer: she is an acknowledged keynote speaker and lecturer. By means of Greek myth and philosophy Moïra gives a different perspective on some mayor issues of contemporary cultural and intellectual conflicts. Moïra obtained a Master in Philosophical Counselling and Social Management and a master in Philosophy and Classical Studies (UB). She is an active member of the group of investigation Societas Philosophorum Viventium (SPV)  and of the association Oikos (the Netherlands). Recently she si lecturer at Utrecth University, NL.

Moïra Müller participated as a lecturer in The IX International Conference onPhilosophical Practice (Carloforte), The I International Conference on Philosophy and Society (UB), The Conference on Freedom (UB), The Oikos PHD Presentation Day (Utrecht) and The Summer School on Leadership (Comenius).

Recent Publications:

  • The New Leader can lose Control in Insecure Times.  Speakers Academy, Rotterdam, 2013
  • Freedom and autonomy in Ancient Greek Thought. Homenaje a Antonio Alegre Gorri; Barcelona, 2013
  • Freedom and Destiny in Ancient Greek Thought. Speakers Academy, Rotterdam, Speakers Academy, 2014
  • Prometheus lessons of life. Philosophy Magazine, Amsterdam, Nov. 2014.


Code Course Title Start Date Finish date
Phil&Edu 3. Abstract on: Philosophy & Education [Dr. Müller, The Netherlands] 11. Oct 2017 11. Oct 2017